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Car Branding With Vinyl Wrapping

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Classic Car Branding

Whether it’s retro branding for your classic car or promotional branding for your business fleet, a car vinyl wrap can add unique style to your vehicle. Rather than respray the vehicle, this process uses coloured vinyl sheets to cover each body panel of the car.

A Reversible Respray

Vinyl wrapping isn’t just cheaper than a high-quality paint job, it is also completely reversible. A vinyl coating can be removed without damage to the paint underneath. This means you can regularly update commercial advertising or remove a custom design when selling your car. Vinyl also offers a huge range of design and customisation possibilities.

While vinyl coating alone has high durability, if you intend to keep the same design for some time, you could consider a UV-resistant coating to prevent bright colours from fading in the sun. This protective coating can also protect your custom vinyl coating from scratches and everyday wear and tear.

Vinyl Wrapping Design Options

Car branding with a vinyl wrap is highly versatile. Unlike paint, vinyl is printable, making it quick and easy to transfer your designs to the vehicle. Another option with vinyl is a textured wrap, with textures such as leather or brushed metal. Whatever you’re looking for, a vinyl wrap can give a stylish personal touch.